Sunday, March 6, 2011

Pat Churchland's Braintrust

Patricia S. Churchland, author of "Braintrust," has long been interested in the source of moral values.
Today's San Diego Union Tribune has an interview with Patricia Churchland (UCSD Presidential Professor of Philosophy Emeritus) about her new book Braintrust: what neuroscience tells us about morality (Princeton 2011). From the interview:

The word “braintrust” has a certain meaning for most people, but you use it in a different way here. Please explain the significance of the title.
Yes, the expression has a meaning dating back to F.D. Roosevelt’s cabinet. My use of “braintrust” evokes the fact that trust is a fundamental feature of harmonious social life, and is essential for the development of social institutions of various kinds — including markets, courts, religions, medical services, schools and guilds. And we now know a little about the neurochemical platform that enables the formation of social bonds and relationships of trust.

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