Monday, March 14, 2011

Popkin papers at Clark Memorial Library (UCLA)

Professor Jeremy Popkin, the son of UCSD Philosophy Professor (and Department Founder; 1963-1973) Richard Popkin, has informed me that his father's papers are now available at the William Andrews Clark Memorial Library at UCLA.

Jeremy Popkin, as I pointed out before, has authored a biographical essay about his father entitled "In his own words: Richard Popkin's career in philosophy", pp. 259-293 of The Legacies of Richard H. Popkin (Dordrecht, 2008).  This is volume 198 of the International Archive of the History of Ideas, a book series established by Richard Popkin and Paul Dibon (visiting UCSD Professor 1964-1966). Jeremy Popkin tells me that he is now editing an interview of his father about his relationship to Herbert Marcuse. Should be very interesting-- I'll try to keep you posted.

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