Thursday, November 17, 2011

Marcuse in Verso's Radical Thinkers series

A Study on Authority

The great theorist of radical liberation analyzes the relationship between authority and freedom.
This is the first paperback edition of what is now recognized as Marcuse’s most important collection of writings on philosophy. He analyzes and attacks some of the main intellectual currents of European thoughts from the Reformation to the Cold War. In a survey that includes Luther, Calvin, Kant, Burke, Hegel and Bergson, he shows how certain concepts of authority and liberty are constant elements in their very different systems. The book also contains Marcuse’s famous response to Karl Popper’s Poverty of Historicism, and his critique of Sartre.
Paperback, 111 pages
ISBN: 9781844672097
January 2008
$12.95 / £6.99


  • “Marcuse brought a forceful clarity to the leftist table; a classical Marxism willing to confront new realities.”
  • “Lucid and powerful.”
  • “It is a worldly philosopher's dream: his long neglected works catch fire, illuminate his times and emblazon his name for posterity. It does not often come true, but it did for Herbert Marcuse.”
  • “Well worth reading.”